A suspended ceiling system, sometimes known as a ‘drop ceiling’, offers many benefits. Often used to conceal mechanical and electrical services above, suspended ceilings also offer acoustic absorption and insulative advantages. By installing several light fitting points throughout a suspended ceiling, you can also increase the amount of light in large spaces such as shopping centres.

Our team are specialists in suspended ceiling installation and can advise you on the best look and materials for your project.

Whether your premises is an office, educational building, healthcare practice or retail outlet, a suspended ceiling can dramatically alter the look of its interior.

  • Suspended ceiling tiles in varied colours, sizes and styles.
  • Conceal heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing and wiring services.
  • Easy access panels to allow maintenance on services above.
  • Acoustic absorption.
  • Incorporated lighting option.
  • Platform for lights, speakers, sprinklers, CCTV, smoke & fire detectors.

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